In addition to wire size, the table provides values load (current) carrying capacity, resistance and skin effects. There are local rules and exceptions that exist based upon the exact application. Figure 1 – Wire Color Code Identification CIRCUIT IDENTIFICATION All circuits in the diagrams use an alphanumeric code to identify the wire and its function (Fig. Dodge - a division of the American corporation Chrysler, specializing in the production of passenger cars, as well as off-road vehicles.Headquarters in Highland Park (a suburb of Detroit). Wire Color Code Charts TIA-598-A FiberOptic Color Code Fiber# Insulation color Fiber# Insulation color 1 Blue 7 Red 2 Orange 8 Black 3 Green 9 Yellow 4 Brown 10 Violet 5 Slate 11 Rose 6 White 12 Aqua Note: More than 12 Fibers the color code repeats and have striped subgroups CCC Color Code Pair # Cond. #1 Cond. A detailed description of each conductor property is described below Table 1. RED WIRES are secondary live wires in 220 volt circuits Mostly used for switch wiring and between smoke detectors that are hard wired into the electrical circuit. To identify which circuit code applies to a system; refer to the Circuit Identification Code Chart. 3). 2). YELLOW … #1 Cond. This guide is meant to assist users and every effort has been made to ensure it reflects the current code, however, where discrepancies between this and the Canadian Electrical Code are found, the code prevails. methods of wiring a home may be used, but must meet the Canadian Electrical Code. The following guide includes the Canadian Electrical Code in effect as of February 1, 2019. the Wire Color Code Chart (Fig. The resistances and skin depth noted are for copper conductors. DODGE Car Manuals PDF & Wiring Diagrams above the page - Caliber, Town'n'Country, Journey, Nitro, Charger, RAM; Dodge Fault Codes DTC.. #2 Pair # Cond. To enable wires to be easily and safely identified all common wiring safety codes follow a structured color scheme for the insulation of electrical wire. COLOR CODING CHART RED COLORED WIRES GREEN COLORED WIRES YELLOW COLORED WIRES GRAY & WHITE COLORED WIRES BLACK COLORED WIRES GREEN WIRES are the GROUND wire and are used for GROUNDING the electrical circuit. Dodge was founded in 1914. American Wire Gauge (AWG) Sizes and Properties Chart / Table Table 1 lists the AWG sizes for electrical cables / conductors.

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