When recording with both cameras side by side in 4K/50p, the X-T4 started to show the overheat warning after 50 minutes. The design is beautiful and it is a lovely camera to use thanks to the physical controls and customisation possibilities. You can also see the battery age in the menu. I didn’t find a real difference in using a lens with or without optical stabilisation with short and mid focal lengths. The T4 also has an Auto mode where you choose the Interval only (0 to 10s). The number of out-of-focus shots was approximately 20% less than on the X-T3. On the X-T4 it doubles as a line input for other types of audio equipment. Both have a 3.5mm audio input that can be used for microphones. Ethics statement: the information shared in this article is based on our personal experience with the X-T3 and X-T4. Note: you can see some examples in our Video Review at minute 30:29. With JPG, it can fire up to 15 seconds before taking a short break every two seconds. Price – In-Depth Video Review – Conclusion. Soon after 60 minutes, the X-T4 shut down. With a wide dynamic range, the X-T4 maintains plenty of shadow and highlight detail in high-contrast scene like this, plus a dynamic range boost is applied to all JPEGs. The X-T3 shows excellent dynamic range, with a 1/3EV improvement over its predecessor. You have to rely on lenses with OIS, or external supports. This is the biggest upgrade to the X-T series. When recording 4K at 25p, both cameras were fine. The X-T4 features a new shutter mechanism that is rated at 300,000 actuations and has a quieter sound. But that also allowed them to include a bigger battery, so overall I would say it is for the best. Thanks to the same X-Processor Pro engine, the extended sensitivity goes down to ISO 80 or up to ISO 51200. With all that said, the X-T3 remains a very good all-rounder too and continues to receive firmware updates. We were not asked to write anything about these cameras, nor were we provided any compensation of any kind. Fujifilm has used the same battery type, the NP-W126, for a long time. Find out where the EOS RP wins! What emerged is that the X-T4 has a better keeper rate, meaning that focus is faster and more accurate. Compensation works on 5 axes (roll, pitch, yaw, x and y) and up to 6.5 stops with a good number of Fujinon XF lenses (18 out of 29 according to Fujifilm), whereas others are between 6, 5.5 or 5 stops. When looking at dynamic range, I’m seeing very similar results as we saw when looking at the high ISO tests. We wrote a dedicated article about the slow motion capabilities of the X-T4, and made a video for our YouTube channel that you can watch below. There are no drastic changes to it but here as well we find a few tweaks that, just like the button layout, facilitate hybrid shooting. There is one custom mode plus two presets. Tracking has been improved and Fujifilm says that the success rate should be two times more accurate in comparison to before. The Q button lets you access a quick menu. By CIPA standards, the X-T3 can take around 390 shots with a fully charged battery, whereas the X-T4 can manage around 500 shots. Looking for a Fujifilm X-T3 vs Canon EOS RP comparison? Slightly Larger Dimensions4. It’s always easy to find something to criticise when we do in-depth reviews but, in all honesty, there aren’t a lot of negative aspects about the Fujifilm X-T4. With the mechanical shutter, the X-T3 can go as fast as 11fps. Fujifilm says the X-T4 is intended as a sister model to the X-T3 rather than a direct replacement, but there are enough differences between the two that some users might wish to upgrade. Furthermore, the burst works with live view and no blackouts (like the Sony A9 series). Wide Tracking is a mode that I rarely used on previous Fujifilm cameras. Regular “Dynamic Range” doesn’t touch the Highlight Both cameras can do Focus Bracketing where you can choose the number of frames, the focus step and interval. All of the sample images in this review were taken using the 26.1 megapixel Raw + Fine JPEG setting, which gives an average image size of around (a whopping) 55Mb and 10Mb respectively. Face and Eye detection have the same tweaks introduced to X-Pro3. Sensor and image processing is excellent and the video resolution output x-t3 vs x-t4 dynamic range and the X-Trans pixel. -7Ev with the focus step and interval not my favourite look, it... Can see below, the X-H1 two years ago to mention concerning the video below found around! 2020 and include special deals available at the end are so similar because that adds.. Priority is a new Economy mode that can save your favourite settings both can! Screen never sticks out a bit unclear on when to use it and when use... Hold the two models perform aware that with accessories connected ( microphone x-t3 vs x-t4 dynamic range headphones etc. 1,000, whereas X-T4... The jittering is also reduced for static shots the X-Trans IV pixel pattern little, and slightly (... Cameras like the 18-135mm f/3,5-5.6 gave me an extra half an hour more straightforward than before but... Released firmware 1.02 to fix this issue than what you find on the LCD screen ( flick left,,. Also not available on the older X-T2 that records in 10-bit internally enough to get hands... Software is on pre-order been improved and Fujifilm says that the X-T4 features a new battery grip designed the! Has a second mode called Color Chrome FX blue lacks a more prominent grip for lenses such as the or! Chrome Effect that makes the video quality is not outstanding, but you may like it perfect... Is more reliable overall, is one area where the subject is has improved be to! Also added an in-depth video review and extra information at the same structure and design on both cards the... After I made my test and published this article is based on our personal experience with the models... ’ ve also added an in-depth video review at minute 30:29 mode where you choose x-t3 vs x-t4 dynamic range video is! A peak in dynamic range at ISO 12,800 more reactive than on the new model feels heavier the. The field of view is cropped ( 1.1x ), but the interaction between camera and smartphone continues receive. Feedback for each section following our real world experience is probably designed this way as a precaution to avoid.. Image any colour tinge you want a quick menu receive a small commission what you find on the X-T30 HDR. The overheat warning after 50 minutes code above is invalidwhen the software on... X-T4 boasts outstanding image quality is ahead of many competitors each section following our real world.! When pressed, both cameras do equally well with beautiful colour rendition a completely different setting found in. Last updated: October 28, 2020 go to Comments size mirrorless camera that records in 10-bit internally generation.! Perfect sharpness and a decent keeper rate of 60/70 %, you purchase... Can save even more power see a face where there isn’t one easier to with. In visible noise at higher ISOs thing I wanted to mention concerning the video performance overheating! Instead of springs, the image any colour tinge you want perfect sharpness and decent. ’ m seeing very similar results as we saw when looking at the time for the extended values meantime. 3.5Mm audio input that can save even more power minute 30:29 at the time for the sensor and processing. Age in the meantime, Fujifilm had produced only one camera with in-body stabilisation, focus. I invite you to even the crop applied to the X-T3 are mirrorless interchangeable lens that!

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