It was a very frustrating card to deal with, but hopefully, that has changed now. Pioneer In a format full of Triomes and Pathways, where one of the best Adventure cards in Beanstalk Giant doubles as absurd fixing, 4 colours was never nearly enough of a limiting factor. I was confused as to why they had banned Nexus of Fate in the Historic banlist announcement last month, because in Magic, it has almost always been correct to ban the enablers rather than the payoffs – the power level of decks has generally been centred around those; they determine a deck’s efficiency and speed, and are generally harder to replace. Yea I haven’t played paper in like 10y+ … online is much better for many reasons! Honestly, if my obviously unprintably good cards and Uro all existed, I think Uro might still be the best of them. It’s worth noting that three of these cards would have rotated with Zendikar’s release in just a month and a half, but I am really excited to have the Standard environment uplifted during that period of time, and to be able to try some of the old cards out one last time before they leave, without their being pushed out of contention by the same busted decks we’ve grown to hate. We want to see which of these new decks turn out to show enduring strength versus merely making an initial splash. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. The other day I was playing Gruul Aggro and my opponent cast Yasharn. It turns out returning all your investment, gaining a bunch of life, and being a busted threat that they must deal with is still good in other format! It’s certainly going to be a lot less powerful without Omnath, but the power of Lotus Cobra and Uro, combined with all the extra land drops from Explore and Escape to the Wilds + Genesis Ultimatum is still there. Therefore, we’re choosing to ban Inverter of Truth, Underworld Breach, Walking Ballista, and Kethis, the Hidden Hand in Pioneer. Ramp decks, not just Reclamation, have been the best thing to do in Standard for most of this year, and Growth Spiral is in every single one as a 4-of. In addition, we see a similar impact in Brawl to that described in the other formats. Unlike Teferi and Reclamation, this card isn't an "exciting" ban; it's just one that kind of needed to happen. It’s clear that many players who have been, or could be, interested in Pioneer are ready for a change. Remember that anything banned (but not suspended) will incur a wildcard refund, but you can only receive one refund per copy of a card (so if you had 4 Teferi, Time Raveler when it was banned in Standard, you won’t receive 4 rare wildcards yet again). Embercleave is stopped by removing the creature it’s attached to. Recently, I started building a Temur Reclamation deck including rare and mythic wildcards and just started playing it this weekend. As the card common to many ramp variants, this is the most straightforward way to weaken that strategy as a whole and ensure a shift away from recent Standard metagames. Why? With the last banned and restricted list update, we chose to unban Oath of Nissa in Pioneer. As the rate at which players can rack up games of Standard in digital is higher than in tabletop, we believe it’s correct to enact metagame change at a faster rate as well. Without Omnath in the field, the Adventures deck would still be a dominating, ridiculous force. The first two negatively impacted the state of the game, surprising nobody. That was the ideal that Wizards had in mind, but that wasn’t the reality of the situation…. Cauldron Familiar + Witch’s Oven has been the quintessential Standard sacrifice combo since Eldraine, and has enabled a wide variety of decks using it as a foundation. He was (not shockingly) the most-played and highest-winning commander of any in the mode. It’s not surprising that the same strategy that was good in Standard, of casting Expansion//Explosion, would be good in Historic, especially after they printed Explore in Jumpstart and injected a ton of redundancy into Historic for decks that wanted to play Growth Spiral. The DCI announces bans and restrictions of cards for their sanctioned formats if they deemed necessary to do so. Submit a support request to Wizards, and I’m sure they’ll sort it out: The Historic metagame is moving quickly right now; the addition of new cards through Jumpstart is having a large impact, as will Amonkhet Remastered when it arrives soon. Another archetype that has maintained a high win rate over a long period of time is Black-Red (or Jund) Sacrifice, featuring the Cauldron Familiar and Witch's Oven combo. Historic also provides a wider range of tools for enabling the multiple land drops the deck is looking for, such as Explore and Growth Spiral. With that, Omnath caught a ban in MTG Arena. I kind of figure that's the ultimate reason. Growth Spiral is a 2 mana ramp card, the difference between 2 mana and 3 mana for a ramp spell is huge. Without Omnath/Lucky Clover, I don’t think that cards are going to be the threat it used to be. MaRo has nothing to do with the power level of cards and how formats play. This is the ban everyone expected, and even as somebody who has enjoyed playing Reclamation, I breathe a sigh of relief. They did, but for some reason, the game wouldn’t let me cast Embercleave. ), so something had to be done. Hell, he isn't even the head of R&D. Ramp decks using Growth Spiral together made up 68% of the day 1 metagame at the Players Tour Finals and represent approximately 25–30% of the metagame at Mythic ranking on the Arena ladder. I know I won’t spend money on tabletop Standard playing, while WotC keeps on releasing bait cards to sell, and then banning most of them, while the Standard meta went down the drain in the meanwhile. 4- Banning Growth Spiral is also pretty lazy. Honestly, to me, this was always the same anyway. This meant some absolutely crazy turns with Omnath, Escape to the Wilds and Genesis Ultimatum. Lotus Breach is a deck that seeks to untap Lotus Field repeatedly to generate colossal amounts of mana, then use Underworld Breach to kill your opponents with basically anything (because it’s not very hard to win the game when you have unlimited mana) but usually a card as innocuous as Tome Scour. In order to remove Reclamation decks from this most played spot and to reduce the metagame share of ramp decks in general, Wilderness Reclamation and Growth Spiral are banned. Same reason Teferi wasn't banned until a month before rotation. You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield. As a singleton format, Brawl requires you to run more cards to meet the deck requirement, and often you would end up having to include cards that Teferi was absurdly good against, such as expensive artifacts and creatures that didn’t do anything the turn they came into play, counterspells, or cards like Emergent Ultimatum which flat out did not work, so you’d often be down 1-2 cards in your games against Teferi decks. It always struck me as incredibly janky, and I was very suprised to see cat got banned. Both have card advantage, Kroxa's is conditional while Uro's is unconditional and card draw is better than discard which makes sense with the 1 extra mana for Uro. Observing ladder play and tournament results over the following weeks, as well as the field of the Grand Finals over the weekend, we’ve concluded that additional changes are necessary.

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