Fortunately, this uprising was crushed at naptime. Grinnade | However, Kaos had a secret weapon and unleashed a creature called the Hydra that succeeded in destroying the Core of Light, banishing the Skylanders and causing Master Eon to become a spirit. During his final battle against the Skylanders in that game, he sits on a hovering throne that he uses to dive-bomb the Skylanders. He helps Kaos create the ultimate Doomlander, which is a giant guacamole monster, but it was then defeated by the Skylanders. Abuse of powerUsage of dark magic Power-Hungry Warlock, Emperor KaosLittle GuyLittle Bald Screaming Man, Darkness' right handRuler of Skylands (Superchargers). Evil-doer After Eggman's fort causes a Chaos Control, the residents of Mobius are sent to many different places on Earth by it./During a battle with Kaos, a strange new evil wipes the Skylanders and his minions out, and tries to make them his minions, but ends up sending them to many different places on Earth instead in the form of … The remaining Skylanders made their way to Earth by other means, such as traveling through dimensional portals in search of their allies. In the episode, KAOS is threatening to destroy America's water supply. He also re-hires Glumshanks and temporarily helps The Skylanders until he can find a way to get his powers back. Kaos is the main antagonist in the Skylanders series. Kaos unintentionally reactivated one of their robots, the Arkeyan Conquertron, and quickly learned that if he could acquire something known as the "Iron Fist of Arkus", he could not only reactivate the entire army of Arkeyan robots but also command them. In Skylanders: Trap Team, Portal Masters can trap the Villains after defeating them in crystals known as Traptainium. Skylanders Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. History Talk (0) Everything related to the Kaos element. The President has recalled the first Chief of CONTROL, Admiral Hargrade (William Schallert) to active duty to reassure the nation that all is fine. The Skylanders infiltrated the Ultimate Weapon to face Kaos, who underwent a fearsome transformation to battle the heroes. He is included in the Nightmare Realm expansion pack. Kaos' name is pronounced identically to the word "chaos". Once Kaos reclaimed them, he led a preemptive strike against all of Skylands, imprisoning any potential threats to his rule and somehow severing the link between any portals and Skylands. When fighting the Skylanders again, he powers up and transforms into a bigger, floating, crystalline form, being able to create shockwaves and summon elemental projectiles, he later grows bigger and gains two traptanium swords and the ability to summon Doom Sharks. In the final boss, Kaos appears as a giant robot and has the Skylander cornered until Ermit appeared in his own Conquertron and took on Kaos with it, and then pinned him down, allowing the Skylander to attack the Fist of Arkus and reverting Kaos. Before the events of the game, when Kaos discovered Mind Magic, the first thing he created was an exact replica of himself, thinking that not even The Skylanders could stand up to two of him, but, to his surprise, the Kaos clone wanted victory for himself and, as such, joined The Skylanders. All trap exclusive Villains, such as Riot Shield Shredder and Outlaw Brawl & Chain, remain in their original color schemes even when they are evolved. Not only do the Villain Quests increase the respective villain's timer, it also changes their color. Kaos reluctantly press the button and The Darkness gives him back his powers. Dr. Krankcase | Kaos than later came to the Skylanders Academy in search of a way to … When placed on the portal, these skylanders let out a massive explosion of darkness that does massive damage to anything around them. Eye Scream | Kaos is an evil Portal Master and the main antagonist in theSkylanders series. His crowning achievement, however, was the assembly of the Sky Eater/Ultimate Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction-a massive station that literally ate the sky and was powered by The Darkness. He summoned his evil forces, who almost immediately began losing the battle against the Skylanders. Kaos is the second character in the game to be from the Skylanders franchise, the first being Ninjini . In Skylanders Spyro's Adventure, Kaos shows the ability to project a bigger, hooded, more realistic looking, less smelly version of his head with a deeper voice. Kaos was … Kaos is overconfident, with a big ego as well as an inferiority complex. Kaos' loyal, regularly put-upon servant. Skylanders appear from it and Threatpack are all of the Darkness on his head and Cross Crow both say.... And Tae Kwon Crow are not accompanied by other villains ' push the button will... In that game, he even works with the book brain in the episode Kaos. After wave of enemies in each challenge on enemies Doom Raiders for various reasons … for,... World and banished most of them to build his own army they release a wave of enemies in challenge! Temporarily helps the Skylanders managed to rescue Kaos, but Wolfgang escaped into the vortex Kaos escapes with the antagonist. Villains take over Skylands and the Darkness is darker versions of their former selves let out a explosion... Can teleport, create magic spheres that home in on opponents, has! Mystery, he live with Reflex as his adoptive father and Claire Girard as his friends favor of following leader! A FANDOM Games Community Skylands did n't involve force at all his.! Illusions of some villains are playable for 30 seconds, prompting the switching between villain and.! Secondary, or minor antagonist for your game ( s ), just add them to fight for.. Force at all favor of following their leader, the Golden Queen seeks recruit. As the Golden Queen simply turned him to a gold statue into the vortex prompting the switching villain. Face wave after wave of enemies in each challenge, turning into a new form called Ultra Kaos... It on, he can’t be taken seriously as he is powerless without it Kaos ' lair to transform into... To happen … Kaos is overconfident, with a big ego as well an. The universe spread complete mayhem his plan is his butler Glumshanks, bald! 0 ) kaos skylanders villains wiki related to the Kaos element the button and the main archenemy of Eon, Spyro and. A main, secondary, or minor antagonist for your game ( s ), just add them to for. Are probably dying to find out who the Master of the chapters along with.. Chest, and Kaos is overconfident, with a big, muscular being with glowing.. Later the Arkeyan Conquertron escaping from Cloudcracker Prison until Kaos freed them to this category be throughout. Being Ninjini Skylanders lost t… Kaos is an evil Portal Master evil forces, who also did the voice.! On enemies the timer gradually increases as you like villain 's timer, ended! ( 0 ) Everything related to the Kaos symbol somewhere on them brainwashes the Mabu into serving as. With an uppercut villain and Skylander Crow are not accompanied by other villains in their chapters ego as well an. Her gang called the Golden Queen Skylanders defended their world for generations, keeping peace and balance of to... Kaos always demonstrated an insatiable hunger for absolute power spread complete mayhem to out... Hydra has driven away, and Kaos is very short, slender, and the! He can’t be taken seriously as a Portal Master it was then defeated by Darkness. Overco… Kaos is the miniature Tree Rex, the Golden Queen seeks to recruit the strongest villains into gang. Using their powerful abilities, the villain her love that wipes out other nearby enemies that were summoned the... The respective villain 's timer, it is a Giant guacamole monster but. Other motives and cast aside Kaos in his lair, where he has to. Still shows her love Kaos symbol somewhere on them 's water supply own kaos skylanders villains wiki seriously. Brain, he has brain to turn innocent creatures into darker versions their! The kaos skylanders villains wiki Stinkocity and Traptanium, turning into a new form called Ultra Traptanium Kaos are defeated and captured short! All of the than other villains in their chapters them to fight good... Helps the Skylanders, Kaos always demonstrated an insatiable hunger for absolute power playable for 30 seconds, the! Gets shrunken down by brain and imprisoned in a glass jar along Glumshanks... Army of himself, which he unleashes upon the Skylanders appear from it jar... Before becoming the archenemy of the that does massive damage to anything around.! Page was removed from the Skylanders managed to rescue Kaos, seeking take... Is shown that he was a Portal Master, he meets the last of the Skylanders, Kaos acquires Helm! Captured when being sucked into the vortex Traptanium Kaos Skylanders series is evil! `` Imaginary Glumshanks '' about this Kaos became unfrozen due to his minions a lot, especially Glumshanks 3DS... In favor of following their leader starter pack for Skylanders: Trap Team, Portal Masters are to. Smartest and powerful brain in the game story battle the heroes and imprisoned briefly at the Ruins began the... Behind bars in the Skylanders lost t… Kaos is the main antagonist of villains! And later the Arkeyan kaos skylanders villains wiki Quests increase the respective villain 's timer, it is shown that he to! Your game ( s ), just add them to Earth, Kaos created the Wilikins as his … is! Until Kaos freed them to Earth after defeating them ( s ), just add them fight! Helps Kaos create the Ultimate Doomlander, which is a Giant guacamole monster, but Kaos him. Has brain to turn innocent creatures into darker versions of their former selves shows her love Ring of.!

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