I have a huge ceramic teapot and I make loose leaf tea 2 or 3 times a week. A whistle in a traditional tea kettle alarms you as soon as the water is near boiling. A tea kettle needs to balance between functionality and aesthetics on your coffee table as well. It doesn’t rust and doesn’t contain harmful substances like BPA so that you can feel great about using it to make your family’s tea. We all know life gets in the way of the best of things, tea included. It can even help to improve the quality of your water by releasing iron ions from the cast iron as it boils. Yes but by the time it gets to my cup it is no longer brewing. It comes with a premium stainless steel tea infuser that’s just big enough to make a single cup of custom tea. The kettle can be used to brew the perfect cup of tea over a stove, be it an electric, gas, or induction plated variant. I used to do the extra step of bringing the water to a boil and pre-heating my teapot this way, but, after trying it with the hot water from the tap and noticing no real discernible difference in taste between tempering the pot with hot water from the tap and boiling water, I found that the time I saved from hot water from the tap was much more valuable than a possible, arguably very minimal difference in taste between the two. Home » Kitchen » Kettles » The 16 Best Tea Kettles. When you want a few cups of tea at a time, this is the perfect steeping device for you. 1 or 3. The same goes with your tea kettle as well. The ergonomic handle design makes it super easy to handle and pour without dripping as well. It’s easy to use and will keep your tea warm for hours, allowing you to take your time enjoying each cup. The reason I do temper the tea pot at all is because 1) it’s better for the teapot. Capacity: How many quarts of tea can the pot hold? We’ve done a ton of research to bring you the best teapots from all the different types so you can make an informed decision. Alternatively, you can go for electric kettles which have the option to keep your beverage warm for a period of 6-10 hours at a time. The food-grade metals with no coating allow your tea to carry its natural flavor, instead of taking on a metallic flavor. Though teapots have been for a long time, the design has certainly been improved. It looks modern and clean. While you can trade off the whistle for an electronic beep, hearing the traditional whistling sound can be a pleasure to hear. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best traditional-style teapots on the market right now. I use it to keep hot chocolate or coffee warm, but I don’t mind when my tea cools before I drink it. A kettle which is not induction-compatible might cause some serious problems if placed on an induction stove. I think that’s where the slight confusion is coming from. The handle, as well as the spout, are designed to ensure that the tea kettle is very easy to carry and pour as well. The 3-quart polished stainless steel layering of the tea kettle’s body makes it one of the most durable products in the market right now. This tea kettle is 100% dishwasher safe, and the stainless steel bottom doesn’t chip when in the machine. When it’s time to clean it out, Cuisinart recommends that you wash it by hand with mild soap rather than throwing it in the dishwasher. Featuring a 360-degree rotational body, the Zeppoli electric kettle features a superior quality heating base with an auto-shut off safety feature as well. This is the great gift for a tea fan! We love that this teapot is modern while still maintaining traditional features, like the whistle that we know you love. With a capacity of just 1.25 liters, this electric kettle can be carried anywhere with ease. The Cuisinart Aura Stovetop kettle is large enough to serve up to 2 quarts of piping hot tea whenever you need it! 5. The spout makes a perfect whistling sound as soon as the water is hot enough and ready for the tea leaves and other ingredients to be poured in. Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. It has a large lid opening that allows you to fill and clean the teapot easily, so you don’t have to contort your hand to get it to fit inside with a cloth. I have a mug warmer, but I wouldn’t use it with an empty mug. While it may not look like a conventional tea kettle, it can be used to heat or reheat your beverage on top of an open flame. The exterior is satin-finished stainless steel that resists scratches, dents, and also resists heat. Makes sense. While the outside of this kettle is made of stainless steel, the inside is made of BPA-free plastic that allows you to enjoy your beverage without any second thoughts. The one last thing you should consider is how long a kettle can retain a hot beverage without losing all its heat.

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