Building Materials for standard pen house Quotation(bricklaying) pen house… Cost of setting up 1000 capacity Poultry (layers) In Nigeria Written by ADEWALE OLADIPUPO 31st OF JULY 2016 Office address- ZionJoe Ventures, Olutoye Shopping Complex, Opp Royal Spring Hotel, Oshogbo Osun State Telephone 09099176956 1. Two plots of land in this town … Deep litter system is the most widely used chicken house plan in Kenya due to its many benefits. Deep litter kienyeji chicken house plan. 1)Depth: about 30cm 2)Width: 1.8m (5.9ft) 3)Length: it is as the chicken house, the pool is outside the chicken house … 9.48 sets/house 10.5,184 birds totally. In this house system, the chicken are reared on the floor mostly … 1. The owner constructed his two bedroom flat farm house where he lives and three low cost poultry house (pens) that houses 1500 layers each on two plots of land. These egg chicken house design for layers are made of optimal quality materials such as stainless steel, galvanized iron, sturdy plastic, and genuine wood that can last for a long time and are sustainable … Following picture is showing the installation of manure cleaning system. How to build House ground/Pit.

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