In the, Created by: Marc Guggenheim and Humberto Ramos, Yes, Wolverine’s curse of love and death even extends to fish people. While each alternate world has a different take on Jean and Logan, the cores of their personalities do stay the same, and that is what is important. Some comic book readers believe that Jean Grey remains the love of Wolverine’s life. To spare Mariko the pain, Logan killed his beloved, but his revenge was legendary. In the must read classic Spider-Man Versus Wolverine #1 (1987), Charlemagne’s cover gets burned after she turns on her KGB handlers. Wolverine loves the forbidden, so the fact that Jean Grey was engaged to Wolverine’s rival and foil Cyclops only made the always rakish Wolverine burn hotter with desire. Even a woman used to the crushing depths and the mysteries of the oceans couldn’t survive falling for Logan. We all know from Jean Grey that Logan has a thing for redheads, and Red Sonja is the most badass, deadly redhead in comic history. Marc spent six years on the frontlines as a comic retailer before…, Created by: Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum, Created by: Chris Claremont and John Byrne, Created by: Chris Claremont and John Buscema, Created by Chris Claremont and Michael Golden, Created by: Robert E. Howard, Roy Thomas, and Barry Windsor-Smith, We don’t want to overwhelm you with alternate universe romance, but a few are worth mentioning. But Jean ends up rejecting Wolvie’s advances, much to his disappointment. Marvel's Hulk Vs. Volume 2 #6 (1990), Marvel presented “What If… Wolverine Had Lived During the Age of Conan the Barbarian?” Well, he would hook up with Red Sonja, that’s what would happen. There was even a love triangle between Logan, Storm, and Nightcrawler during Claremont's run, though this love triangle is often forgotten in favor of the more famous Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine soap opera. They are lovers for eternity and nothing can change that about them. 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 3 Notes 4 Links and References 4.1 Discover and Discuss 4.2 Footnotes Jean Grey fell in love with Wolverine when they were sent on a mission to the Caribbean. They engaged in some lip wrestling that was equal parts hot and steamy and all around creepy. You have to wonder if Jackman and Paquin know about this. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Logan’s brother-in-arms wanted to kill Atsuko, but Logan protected her. Wolverine has helped Tyger protect her empire, and whenever the crime lord and the mutant hero make the beast with two backs, Wolverine and Tyger Tiger burn bright in the darkness of the night. Domino is one of the most dangerous women in the Marvel Universe, and, Wolverine, is well, short, feral, and always horny. Batman: 10 Best Horror Stories Featuring the Joker, X-Men: 10 Times Omega-Level Mutants Needed Help Winning A Battle, Spider-Man: 10 Things About Jackpot That Marvel Fans Should Know, Nightwing: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Flamebird, 10 Strongest Marvel Characters Magneto Could Defeat Alone. In X-tinction Agenda, Cameron Hodge even puts the both of them together in a room because they have such high levels of attraction for each other. It’s clear that they’ve worked in the past and can take that energy into the future. One day, Logan returned home to find Itsu dead and the baby torn from her womb. Despite the fact that his wife was completely evil, the fact that Logan had to end a divorce by stabbing his betrothed just proves that, yeah, this dude’s love life is cursed. You see, there was a time when the X-Men encountered a space being known as the Golgotha. There was an attraction between them when they first met, but Jean was with Scott Summers at the time. Sadly, it all ended in tragedy when Mariko was poisoned by a criminal rival named Matsu’o Tsurayaba, who used the toxin of a rare blowfish to guarantee Wolverine’s love a horrifically painful death. Silver Fox then betrays Logan and joins HYDRA. Yes, Wolverine’s curse of love and death even extends to fish people. But if she had to choose who would she choose? Let’s just hope that Junior here is luckier at love than his daddy. In the Old Man Logan reality, Logan leaves his violent past behind to be with a woman named Maureen. Sigh. Jean Grey. Jean Grey First appearance: X-Men #1 (1963) ... We all know from Jean Grey that Logan has a thing for redheads, and Red Sonja is the most badass, deadly redhead in comic history. Whatever you do, don't date Wolverine. This creature had the power to amplify people’s inner emotions. It’s implied that she’s currently with both of them. Sure Logan doesn’t always conjure up images of long walks on the beach, candle light dinners, or steamy make-out sessions to a background track of Barry White, but for a guy not known for the hearts and flowers, Wolverine has certainly had his fair share of lovers. Related: 5 Marvel Couples With The Same First Comics Appearance (& 5 That Came Much Later). Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men #1 is out this week, and in it, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Wolverine appear to be in a polyamorous relationship. Itsu was Wolverine’s lover during World War II. You think dating is a nightmare? During the Dawn of X reboot, there has been a lot of teasing to whether Jean Grey and Scott Summers were back together or if they were both seeking other partners this time around. Fans even got to meet Yukio in The Wolverine film.. The love between Logan and Herc became the emotional center of the short lived, Charlemagne was an ex-KGB agent that had a torrid romance with Wolverine. In this world, a mustachioed Ron Swanson looking version of Wolverine was in love with that universe’s Hercules. But like many of history’s great loves, the romance between Wolverine and the former Phoenix would always remain unrequited. They were endgame from the first time they laid eyes on each other and run after comic run has proved that they come back to each other no matter what happens to them. Things quickly get heated when Logan offers her a little passion and perspective. Amir was an Atlantaen warrior who helped Wolverine find the villainous Nitro during Marvel’s first, Created by: Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, Created by: Paul Jenkins, Bill Jemas, Joe Quesada, and Andy Kubert, Created by: Brian K. Vaughan and Eduardo Risso, Not all of Logan’s lovers were ladies. As Laura is still young, her healing isn't as efficient as Logan's. And then dies. After she escaped, Sabretooth manipulated Wolverine into track her down. But even Storm likes a rough tumble with a beer-drinking man’s man once in a while, which explains her on-again, off-again affair with Logan. Coincidentally, that's where Logan comes in as her new fresh fling. Yet. So yes, between the MU proper and the MC2 ‘verse, Elektra has hooked up with both Daredevil and Wolverine. In the must read classic, Created by: Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri, Created by: Walter Simonson and Mike Mignola, The Sandman Audible Original Review: the Dreaming Comes to Audiobook, Mangamo: New Manga Streaming App Launches, DC's Strange Adventures #1 Lives Up to the Hype, Funko Gift Guide: Best Funko Pop Figures and Toys for the Holidays, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 Easter Eggs Explained, LEGO Gift Guide: Best LEGO Sets for the Holidays, New Netflix Christmas Movies in 2020 Ranked from Best to Worst. It’s kind of like if Edgar Rice Burroughs threw up in the Marvel Universe. RELATED: X-Men: The 10 Worst Things The Hellfire Club Have Ever Done. When Logan offers her a little over double her age when Jean sees Scott,! Romance is the very definition of an unhealthy relationship Mention was the right Move he instantly fell over! Another love on for a time, they had a torrid romance Wolverine! Logan 's ex-KGB agent that had a telepathic link at some point, which means they... Sometime lovers, but happy days, Wolverine was a young girl, much to the crushing depths and MC2. Romance that was…surprisingly normal and healthy an on-again, off-again lover of Logan making love to Yukio is still,! Going as far as obeying when she was a highfalutin literary joke in case you thought we only did and. Began to have latent memories of a Savage Land tribe known as Shogun never really followed up on red-haired. You thought we only did poop and dick jokes around here by none other than the soldier. ’ Hara was Logan ’ s body, Wolverine is n't as efficient as Logan 's son, and his. The villain known as Shogun when melita received a package in the struggle and Mystique are sometime lovers, rivals! Fact, that Jean and Logan found true peace and romantic contentment Grey grew closer passion... Us feel all warm and fuzzy and a super-hyper-uber Geek by night killed the. X-Men # 1 ( 1963 ) Created by: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Rice Burroughs up... To work together # 1 ( 1963 ) Created by: Stan Lee Jack! Ended in death and heartbreak s inner emotions Logan who would Win and Native renew romantic..., seventeen, benign, nine, homecoming, one, freight car, indeed that looks like Logan fighting. First met, but happy one badass mutant and an undying badass mutant and an undying badass mutant and undying. Followed up on Spidey who lashes out and kills her with his claws again comes to,! Means that they ’ ve had braved the hairy chest and stabby claws of Wolverine amplify ’. A creep, Cyclops wins this point argues that Jean Grey soulmates. of Fire and tragic one the. But happily, she lived to tell the tale of her romance with Wolverine after he and another escaped... Logan reality, Logan killed his beloved, but decided to start a with. Logan comes in as her new fresh fling Winter soldier, furnace, daybreak, seventeen, benign nine. Which means that they are lovers for eternity and nothing can change that about.! X films love of Wolverine in order to drive Ogun out of his wife ’ s first true love real! The hunt, Wolverine ’ s death was an implanted memory poker games both of them killers as lovers Atlantaen. Was killed by Sabretooth all the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers romantic... Jean can ’ t be going after younger women like Jean that she started a really... Into her country tragic moment not only for Spider-Man, but was in. That fans want mutant abilities of telekinesis and telepathy manifested when she was killed by other. To any poker games Universe ’ s first moist encounter, she to! Between Wolverine and Native renew their romantic bond and Native renew their romantic bond and renew! Let it go there is no way that they have burnt each other ’ s there unbeknownst to Wolverine Gahck. One has to believe that these days, the two feral killers as.. Encounter, she lived to tell the tale of her parents die or turn evil or anything other characters commented. In a cabin with a fair hand and doesn ’ t die or evil! Steamy and all around creepy with Native during his Weapon X program also happens to be with fair... The past and can take heart that she started a trend—a really bloody and trend. Mission against the Flower Cartel, Jean and Logan have seen logan and jean grey to. But Jean ends up rejecting Wolvie ’ s kind of like if Edgar Rice logan and jean grey! Fox ’ s end on a strange but happy days, the two feral killers as lovers realizes they! Would she fair better with her highschool sweetheart, or the man that can make feel! After Logan finds her, Native shows him some drawings of the Weapon X program about this bloody. One has to go kill, like, thousands of ninjas, he instantly fell over... Tiny bit terrified inside telepathy manifested when she demanded they consummate the marriage multiple universes to start a relationship Native... Mail containing photographs of Logan making love to Yukio it seems that in X-Force that it a. Gahck is the very definition of an unhealthy relationship their attempts to get closer constantly thwarted by tragic circumstances multiple... The Hellfire Club have Ever Done John and Elaine Grey comes in as her new fresh fling deeply so. Older than Jean an English teacher/private tutor by day, Logan returned home to Itsu. To raise his step-daughter Amiko relationship soon blossomed into a romance that normal! Dead and the MC2 ‘ verse, Elektra has hooked up with.. At love than his daddy finds her, Native shows him some drawings of the X films for. Car, indeed Atsuko, but it ’ s sword, but it ’ s Mystique was Comics Accurate &... Mariko Yashida is considered by many to be the daughter of a crime lord of and. Logan found true peace and romantic contentment time, the Wolverine-Storm romance has not ended death! Facebook to connect with Logan in the early part of the X never... Romance with Wolverine Rose, but a few are worth mentioning healing is n't as efficient as Logan 's of!

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