("Unforgiven"), When the Author gains the power to change the fates of the people of this land, he rewrites everybody's story, trapping them in a new book entitled "Heroes and Villains". Preso dal panico su trovare un altro percorso a Isola che non c'è, Neal cerca in tutto per qualcosa che potrebbe essere utile, ma senza alcun risultato. Neal impara è tornato nella Foresta Incantata. ("The Price"), Emma decides that she has to put a stop to Hook... permanently. Gold con ognuno di l'unica via praticabile per fermare il Sortilegio di Peter Pan è per Regina, come il lanciatore originale del Sortilegio Oscuro, per annullarlo distruggendo la pergamena, anche se ci sarà un caro prezzo per questo. ("The Other Shoe") On Snow's first day back as a teacher, she and David head over to Emma's house to cook breakfast for Neal's sister, with Neal himself also being there in his mother's arms. Neal's mother and father meet with these two "Queens of Darkness" (after, unbeknownst to everyone else, they help sneak Rumple back into town) and threaten to kill them should they reveal to anyone what took place between them all those years ago. She soon makes herself known, appearing to be responsible for their return, as well as everyone's loss of memories. Con la capacità di monitoraggio della nonna, si riuniscono con lui. Lui si sveglia per vedere David, Emma, Uncino e Mary Margaret in piedi all'altra estremità della piattaforma della grotta. Anna tries reminding Snow White and Prince Charming that they're supposed to love each other, but they disagree, and Mary Margaret goes on to tell Anna that she isn't as warm and fuzzy as one might think, for she killed the Evil Queen's mother and said she was sorry, but she didn't mean it. Roland convoca l'Ombra, che tenta di tirarlo via, ma Mulan recide uno dei suoi bracci. Family/Relationships Species: The two then await being reunited with their unborn child's sister. Mulan suggerisce di pensare a come si sente su Emma come una guida. They're shocked to discover everyone has returned, but David and the others have zero memory of anything that has happened since entering into Camelot for the first time. Dopo capire Regina è intrappolato nel conservificio città, Neal e Emma testa all'interno dell'edificio. After Emma is provoked into storming out, everyone at the coronation becomes distracted by Zelena's time portal, which was opened at the time of her death. Quando si rompe Gold aprire il caveau, scoprono che Peter Pan ha preso l'incantesimo per il Sortilegio Oscuro. Hanno in programma di passare Henry torna al proprio corpo così egli sarà in possesso del libro e portarlo a Regina. Egli scopre che il bambino è figlio di Robin , a cui arriva all'improvviso con l'idea di come attraversare i mondi. C'era Una Volta - Once Upon A Time Wiki è una comunità di FANDOM a proposito di TV. Neal is then handed to his father, who is happy to be back with his son, as Henry and Emma also come in, having returned from their quest to the Underworld. Name: Lui ricambia il suo amore per lei e poi scompare nel portale. He is the son of Rumplestiltskin and Milah, and the father of Henry Mills. Isaac approaches the Light One and convinces him to kill Henry and Regina, who threaten everything, but he seems conflicted, approaching Belle as she's tending to the baby in the hopes of some indirect advice. Sul viaggio di ritorno a casa sull'albero di Trilli, Emma si stabilisce la concorrenza tra Uncino e Neal affermando l'unica persona che è la scelta è Henry. Da un lato della cartolina si legge "Spezzato", e dall'altra una foto della Torre dell'Orologio Storybrooke con la frase "Saluti da Storybrooke". It is then that he discovers Snow isn't in bed with him, for she is basking over by the balcony with wonderful news: she's pregnant. As it does, more singing overcomes the guests as they begin to harmonize about the chance at a "happy beginning" which now is theirs. The baby is soon brought to Granny's Diner where he's read the story of how his parents met out of Henry's book of fairytales. Più tardi, di fronte al palazzo dipartimento dello sceriffo, assiste un legno agosto morire con le sue ultime parole di avvertimento Emma di "lei". Fugge dal suo inseguitore finché entrambi si scontrano cadendo a terra. Nel parco, Neal e Henry si divertono a giocare con spade di legno. Before dying, he passes on his wand, but only Zelena is dark enough to use it since the light magic inside needs to be balanced it. Egli ringrazia il padre per avergli insegnato cosa significa sacrificarsi per i suoi cari e muore poco dopo. Human Presto si innamorano e cominciano a viaggiare per il paese rubando in piccoli supermercati. They tell her that, in the Enchanted Forest, there's a royal tradition that a new baby is announced at a coronation before the entire kingdom, and so they decide to hold a similar event at Granny's Diner. ("Breaking Glass"), Along with the likes of Ashley and Aurora and their respective babies, Neal and his mother attend a "Mommy and me" class over at Granny's Bed & Breakfast, after which Emma shows up in order to take Neal for babysitting. Alla menzione del nome di Emma, Neal li informa che lui la deve salvare. However, Regina defeats it with ease, leaving soon after. As it turns out, it's her old friend Lancelot, whom she thought to be dead. She wonders how they even know it's been a year if they can't remember, at which point she is greeted by her mother, Mary Margaret, who comes running down the stairs heavily pregnant. Neal vede suo padre veramente a cuore il benessere di Henry, e si sente male per non credere in lui. Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character. ("Bleeding Through") After the second curse is broken and Henry's and everyone else's memories are returned, in spite of the Wicked Witch all seems almost happy... until Mary Margaret suddenly goes into labor at the graveyard, announcing that the baby is coming. Blame is exchanged from Merida to Sleepy and finally to Snow for leaving so long and therefore leaving the town un-managed, and she decides that they can blame each other later, after a search party has been formed and Arthur has been found.

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