Meanwhile, place 1 pint of the cherry tomatoes in the food processor bowl and pulse 3-4 times, until coarsely chopped. Transfer to a bowl and repeat with the remaining 2 pints of tomatoes. Add the chopped tomatoes to the onion and simmer, stirring frequently, until they form a sauce… The result is a sweet, luscious sauce that’s amazing by itself with pasta, or delicious anywhere you need tomato sauce. This is a simple, satisfying recipe that you can make on the fly, and it’s sure to impress your friends, not to mention it tastes absolutely delicious! Conclusion. This homemade cherry tomato sauce recipe is an excellent way to use up any excess cherry tomatoes you may have. This easy burst cherry tomato sauce puts them beautifully to the task, flavoring the tomatoes simply with olive oil, garlic and basil. So if you’re wondering what to do with extra cherry tomatoes, look no further!

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