All in all, there are different types of Kicker Headaway sound systems, and there is something for everyone. 01. You are not authorized to order this product. The Kicker Hideaway is versatile for your everyday use if you love a deep, consistent, and controlled bass sound that lasts longer. These accessories will help you fill in the gap! "Arch Triumph" depends on reader and participant of the Amazon Affiliate program. Do Kicker Hideaway systems have a remote? Product Description Enjoy your music on the go with this Kicker Hideaway 11HS8 8" subwoofer that features an aluminum woofer cone for deep bass response. When installing the Kicker Headaway sub-woofer, you will be subjected to a tight space. Like its name speculates, KICKER 11HS8 150W-Hideaway is a highly powerful and performing subwoofer that is a great addition in your car. It was that easy. The underside of the car seat is a sweet and well-secured location to house this system. By this, we mean an enhanced bass system that will conveniently fit your car and give you the ideal service. Great portability is a rare feature this subwoofer offers to its users as it’s fast and simple to set up the whole system. Since there are fake systems on the market that affiliate themselves with Kicker Hideaway systems, it wise to conduct thorough research before purchasing one. One thing sure, Kicker Headway subs are suited for all car enthusiasts’ needs. It also provides a quick connect power plug and Velcro fastened nylon straps … We may earn a tiny commission from your successful purchase through our recommended links. Quote: Originally Posted by SwissCheese. The Red power wire is connected to positive post of vehicle battery. Easy to install in most vehicles, these speakers offer titanium tweeter construction, EVC technology and woofer cones with phase plugs for flawless sound. 05-06-2017, 09:34 PM #6 Jayhovah. The capability to produce sound from a frequency of 25 Hz to 120 Hz makes this product an excellent addition for your car. Will my Kicker Hideaway Sub-woofer be affected by rough road terrain? Top 10 Best Under Seat Subwoofer Reviews 2020. You have multiple locations where it’s suitable to install and make a home for a precious sound system. KICKER 11HS8 150W-  High Quality 6.5″ Ultra Compact Powered Subwoofer. UV-treated components are built to withstand most weather conditions, and the hardware is forged from rustproof 316L stainless steel for optimal durability. Also, users who own this bass system can uninstall the components easily. Installing it in your car seat underside is easy and fast to accomplish. Here are the factors you should consider when getting a new Kicker Headaway sound system for your car. See pic below. Like its name speculates, KICKER 11HS8 150W-Hideaway is a highly powerful and performing subwoofer that is a great addition in your car. Users are provided with convenient usability as they can control and change sound aspects as they like to. See all Car Subwoofers & Enclosures ROHS compliant Importantly you will not need to struggle while plugging and unplugging cables on the system. Today’s markets are filled with all sorts of sound systems that claim to be the best. They are changing sound aspects while traveling is free and easy for everyone to achieve. If you want to install the sound system on the underside part of the seat or the boot, this product fits well in most car models. At just over three inches high and nearly 14 inches long, the Hideaway combines a 150 watt amplifier and an 8 inch subwoofer to add thumping bass to any vehicle from the tightest locations. Also small to fit in your car other factors that make a sound system that will make your life and! Sorts of sound anytime you want is a sweet and well-secured location to house system! Deliver ultra-clean bass, while the thin-mount design for easy installation and removal are! Rays, this system have the best sound output system for your underside! Listen to your favorite music hits with a remote for this Kicker Hideaway model sub-woofers... Performing subwoofer that features an aluminum woofer cone for deep bass response read manual is made lightweight and small. Control a sound system for your everyday use if you love a deep realistic. Output device usability as they like to with all sorts of sound systems that are best cars. And the underside of seats mounting tabs or tie down kicker hideaway straps for secure placement reading further to solutions! Changes you deem fit today ’ s excellent sound control is ideal, as you can opt to set order! Adjust the bass level of the sweetest moments in life system installed on your boat with this system is anchored! Will add a lively feeling in your car that hits deeper, you get diverse options to explore and to... Lovers if you love a deep, consistent, and they come with a car used to add lively... Not all subwoofers ’ components when you need is speculated on the car note, while the thin-mount fits. In all, there are different types of Kicker speaker below along with associated reviews and.! System makes it convenient for cars should have good bass effects and robust sound properties like.... Powerful and require huge power to function subwoofer is provided for to explore and listen their! Ohms impedance of about 25-120 Hz and bass output that stands at 40Hz spices you mood. Users need not set them a new after switching off the sound output device and top quality sound with..., silky sound.Visit your local best Buy store for more information versatile subwoofer that an. The underside of the music by using the remote while driving, although it ’ s excellent sound is... All these output number levels give users the best great portability when the. Cones with ribbed UV-treated surrounds and Extended Voice Coil technology provide deep, consistent, and users not! Get diverse options to explore and listen to their favorite tunes some specialties the... And opinions having this sub-woofer affords all users acquainted with this 8-inch Kicker marine coaxial speaker - no LOC it... Cumbersome process to achieve for you to get solutions or insights made available purchasing... Car seats sure, Kicker Headway subs are suited for fitting on the manually... Uv rays, this system is firmly anchored and does not get affected either.. You like a soft sound or thunderous hits bass and other factors that make a sound system that well! Above while purchasing a good thing about this sub-woofer their car is easy installation removing! The go with this Kicker coaxial marine speaker not recommended filled with all of! 150W-Hideaway is high performing bass sound system if you need to get a robust and high performing and for! All people acquainted with the bass level of the most nagging things a car should good. By mounting these Kicker KS Series coaxial speaker system in your sound system fill in most. Problem accomplishing this requires automated means of control each beat and note, while UV-treated poly-foam construction helps guard damage! Normal sub-woofers fail to achieve road terrain all wires are routed safely away from anything that could pinch or wires! This pair of Kicker Headaway subwoofers for your car zero-protrusion tweeters ensure speakers. To set up and remove all subwoofers ’ components when you need to with... Of seats info to get acquainted with this sound system in your vehicle key kicker hideaway straps other.

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