In Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, the rural areas have no access to the internet and about 33 percent of the population in the United States is without internet access. The online research is widely being used today. When gas prices increased, people changed their habit of commuting and saved money by buying motorcycles. Research Creativity: Innovative ways are to be used while solving a problem. Kotler (2009) has also described the ten trends that would change the business landscape as follows. As the company’s ad says, “You’re in good hands with Allstate!” Allstate Insurance has used this famous phrase to attract customers for some time. Managers can gather consumer panel data at lower costs from research firms like A.C.Neilson Company. Some people want to achieve great things in life and they eat well, dress accordingly and live well in the society. The researcher also relied on the Crowley model as he agreed with the study on the key components of marketing intelligence, and there are sub-items for each of these four components, as shown in figure 2.1. Search our database for more, Full text search our database of 145,100 titles for. This impact is obvious since people change as and when there is a change in technology. Kevin B. Wright (2005) says that the online research and survey was a time consuming task and people had to know HTML and other scripting programs to use them earlier. Also, it is important for the company to focus and prioritize on the collected information that is absolutely important. The pros and cons of this research process are listed below. A marketing intelligence system is a set of procedures and sources used by managers to obtain their everyday information about pertinent developments in the marketing environment. IT sectors and manufacturing industries will also find major shifts in their economic activities. For example, a group of subjects to be tested (frequent users of a particular product) can be shown in the television commercial several times, and after each one, the group can be questioned to know their likeness and whether they will purchase the product advertised. Thus, in order to develop new products or to expand business into new markets, it is important to understand the customers, competitors, trends & current markets and marketing research helps in achieving the same. Demand for natural resources will grow, as will the strain on the environment. Case study developed by Dr. John R. Brooks, Jr., Houston Baptist University. Acting on additional research information, the company has also begun sponsoring motorcycle rallies and music downloads via Rolling Stone magazine for those people who love the feel of the open road. Marketing intelligence software can be deployed using an on-premises or software as a service (SaaS, or cloud-based) model. Kotler (2009) uses the example of a Britain’s online polling company,, to explain this point. The motorcycle market is growing thanks to increased interest from baby boomers and Generation Y consumers. The experiments involve subject groups that match, which are treated differently and checked for difference in responses. In India, big retail giants like big bazaar meet the customer’s needs by selling all their products at a cheaper rate and attract so many people. Identify opportunities in emerging market sectors and new partnership arrangements to reduce geographic expansion. Market Intelligence: Definition. In 2008, they wanted to improve customer loyalty as one of their three corporate priorities.

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