I find it interesting that the first Chinese dynasty to control Taiwan was, well, technically Ming escapees from the Qing, but the Qing were the first unified Chinese dynasty to invade and conquer Taiwan. And the United States has gained further benefits from China's endeavors and growth. China's rapid military buildup is focused on acquiring the capabilities needed to annex, or conquer, Taiwan. Why didn't Mao invade Taiwan? While the US never developed a formal mutual defence treaty with the Republic of China (Taiwan), but until 1971, it acted to defend Taiwan diplomatically in the UN Securitt Council and militarily with the Seventh Fleet any time it was threatened by the People's Republic of China (China… What’s more, pro-Western countries such as Japan and South Korea will be humbled—and less likely, thereafter, to place their faith in the US defense umbrella. China didn’t achieve its prosperity and stability today by invading or colonizing other countries, but by relying on the wisdom, sacrifice, and diligence of its people. Yet Taiwan has great military equipment as well. Why China Plans to Invade Taiwan. It may not have explicitly said that the U.S. would intervene if China invaded Taiwan, but it left little to the imagination. It is extremely unlikely that China will invade Taiwan, much less succeed. They are strong within themselves too. By Zachary Keck. But if China will attack Taiwan, they could not hold their ground. China couldn’t be more unpopular than it already is. There will be plenty of time to improve China’s diplomatic standing after Taiwan has been reabsorbed. Why China Won’t Attack Taiwan . Ronald Reagan, of course, wouldn’t budge, so the memo – which was and remains the U.S. policy on China – slammed shut the door on modifying its Taiwan policy. Western powers won’t let China get away with invading Taiwan, a senior Republican lawmaker warned after island voters reelected their U.S.-friendly president. It is possible that China doesn't want a civil war to begin, nor does it want to taint its image in the world. But now they are strong and powerful.

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